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Mayan Weddings



          This spiritual and interactive ceremony in front the Sea brings balance with Nature, the four basic elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) and the Universe. The Shaman will bless your union setting an altar for the Mayan gods with flowers, fruits, seeds and fire.

          Guests will stand in a circle around the altar to await the Bride and Groom's entrance. The Shaman will welcome them with a purification ritual using Copal, a native plant burned by the Mayas as incense. 

The couple will walk into the Altar and everyone (including Guests) will ask permission to the four cardinal points, and the Mayan Gods to guide the couple through light and unconditional love in a spiritual union. Once you accept each other as a caring couple, you will share the fruit and vows, and will receive a flower crown. 

You can also ask for a moment to exchange rings. At this moment you both will take hands and kiss, symbolizing respect, tenderness, comprehension and love. 

The Shaman will ask each one of your guests to pronounce one word with his/her wishes for the new couple. The ceremony is closed with guests showering the newly married couple with flower petals. 

We suggest you and your guests wear white, because this represents a pure integration with Mother Earth. Please also tell us if there is a particular fruit you would prefer to taste during the ceremony.



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