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Mexico Marriage Requirements

          All foreign documents (birth certificate, divorce decree, death certificate If you are not a resident of Mexico, you must provide a valid passport and a Tourist Card (which the airlines will provide or if you are driving you will need to get one in Mexico).

          Bride & Groom must arrive in Mexico at least three (3) working days prior to the ceremony in order to obtain the proper paperwork and documents.

          Bride & Groom must have a blood test performed in a local clinic within Mexico at least two (2) working days prior to the marriage ceremony with a doctor’s certification of the blood test in Spanish.

•          Four witnesses over the age of 18 years old with a valid passport, visa, driver’s license (national resident) or Tourist Card (International) must arrive 3 working days prior to the wedding. Witnesses can also be provided.


          If the bride is divorced, and her passport is under her ex-husbands last name, she will be required to bring additional documentation. Her birth certificate must be translated into Spanish and have an Apostille seal by the Secretary of State. The following documents are needed in certain cases but, will be organized with our help.

          , etc.) which are to be submitted to Mexican Officials for any legal procedure within the country, must have the legal Spanish translation (to be done in Mexico by the Civil Officiant or Registro Civil) and must be certified by-an apostille.

An apostille is an internationally recognized notary certification, done in the country of origin of the documents, and usually issued by the State Department of each country


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